Flower Power Dog Pullover


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These wonderful hand finished jumpers are great for keeping pup warm and snug.

One of our very best sellers. Fantastic look!

X Small Chest: 10-13”(25.5-33cm)
Length: 9”(23cm)
Breed Guidelines: Tiny
Small Chest: 13-16”(33-40.5cm)
Length: 11”(28cm)
Breed Guidelines: Chihuahua
Medium Chest: 15-18′(38-45.5cm)’
Length: 13”
Breed Guidelines: Yorkshire
Large Chest: 16-20”(40.5-51cm)
Length: 16”(40.5cm)
Breed Guidelines: Miniature
X Large Chest: 20-26”(51-66cm)
Length: 18”(46cm)
Breed Guidelines: Cocker

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